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March 2012

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so apparently thinking ahead and thinking theoretically to some is an odd thing to do

so I have been slightly curious as to just what all it means to try and conceive a child, for research reasons only. Because at some point in my life possibly. So I have been asking random small sized questions on a group that for people that have the interest in convincing children I have now had to make it very clear to the people in that group this only research that I am not planning on going and fucking random people to get pregnant i just wish to know all the options I might have for if I want to indeed have a child sometime in the near or present future.

the reason I have had to explain myself is I guess these women have been parents for a lil too long cause they keep taking the parental view of "we should make sure this girl really knows what she is getting into before she decides she wants to have a kid". And yes I know these people mean good and well, but for christ sake I am not a teenager I am nearly 30 damned years old! I think the idea of someone my age thinking about possibly having children is a reasonable one if I was to ever actually want them. And all I have said is that i want to reading a few books about the subject and possibly discussing the idea with a doctor,is completely reasonable. I know I sound more upset then anything, but I am not its just a mild irritation at best.

and its kind of just retarded that people think people my age must not have any common sense at all, and actually to be honest amusing. Its the same concept as teen going into a doctor and talking about using condoms, or finding out info stds she is not saying she wants them, or that she necessarily is screwing someone at that very moment all it is, is a want of information and this one is of the primary reasons people get into things way over their heads in the this country cause they don't encourage thinking ahead of time,their main thought process is think of it when it happens, why would you need to be prepared.
its almost like someone telling me hey you shouldn't read that book on doing a trip to Disney this year its not til December, well why should know everything I want to know ahead of time so I am prepared.

Its amusing to no end that I basically said that, I was merely doing this whole thing for research purposes only to one women's response and basically some came in right after I responded and said the exact same thing. In my response back I was very polite and explained I am trying to plan things out and no I am not really doing anything to have a child right now just wanting to find info. lol I know I am ranting I just find amusing that so many people in this country have serious control issues, people need to learn they have no control over what other people do in their lives, and it would be nice if they would listen to what people say I mean really listen.