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March 2012

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udates in my life

so things for me as of lately have been going on pretty much a wild and crazy roller coaster i meet a guy a few months ago that I really clicked well with, and thought we had something going on, the odd thing is even know I still do think this I think we were probably moving along a bit too fast in what we thought we wanted as far as relationship and the issue of distance was an issue.
its kind of irritating cause in a way its sort of the same things I seem to always run across when bump into the relational romantic issues I tend to have. Granted I am glad its small things and not that I am attracted to wife beater dead beat types. I guess I have just become more reminded that what I need right now is not really a romantic life or really a sex life, I mean true having one is easy enough I have had playmates that I could get it from even before in my life.

But I have just come to the conclusion that this is something I don't really need right now in my life, its slightly amusing to say the least that most of my male friends that think most things eventually always have to come back to,"I have a dick and I want to use it" way of thinking.
I guess since I come off as a fairly sensual and open minded gal they think that this way of thinking might apply to me as well.
sadly no, I am perfectly fine to have a period celibacy in my life I suppose thats a really nice thing about being a girl, we are not controlled by our harmonies, sure we know they are there, and we do on occasion have to give into them or have our heads pop off, but I think that the thing about us gals is we find ways to tune them to how we want them. If we practice in kinks such as orgasm control to seek out if we can find more pleasure by having control over, it in a small way we are controlling our very harmonies them selves. And where as they are fun for and good for us to have, we can turn them on or off if need be.

oddly enough I still internally feel there is a chance of being able to rekindle things with this guy, I sill feel a very deep connection and attraction with him, just simply put things right now are not at a great point in life to have things like this going on.

hmm what else is going on I am getting a brand new used car for myself this evening with the help mom we are having to drive all the way up to stover to go get it, a little town about a hour outside of Jeff City so having to go a bit of a ways to get it but still better then nothing.

I still need to work on getting my license but I feel very confident that will go fairly well, I am hoping to get it taken and over with within a week or two.

I applied to a vet tech school out in St.Louis so my dream of having a job working with animals is one step closer, I still think having my own dog walking/pet sitting business could be cool to never hurts to have things on the side for money. I applied to the school about 4 weeks ago, so I should either hear something back this week or possibly in the next two weeks since it can take up 4-6 weeks.

I've become a lot more creative with things lately to it feels, I knit a bit more then I used to and I have gotten back into drawing and painting, even pondered the idea of making a class on pottery.

other then that doing the typical work with the university I have two temp, seasonal, part time jobs that kind of deal with MU. One I do stagehand work which is typically coming in and helping set up whatever needs to be put up, or tearing it down. The other is a little more boring and tiresome on the feet, I do ushering for the MU football games and basically you stand at a post, before the game starts and after the game ends...(and everyone clears the stadium) then you make sure that no one has left anything of theirs behind, make sure everyone follows the rules and does not cause issues that sorta thing.

I am hoping to possibly get on and get a job maybe at the new petsmart in town, but I am not really holding my breath on it, sadly as much as their is a need for jobs, there are far more people that need them so the job openings that do open up get filled fairly quickly. Kinda why I am looking forward to going back to school soon, it will give me more of an advantage.

lol at least I has the internet and Doctor Who to distract me from things if I start to feel blue at all.