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akasha2004's Journal

19 December 1983
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"Anata no Tame no kono Inochi"

I am a 26 year old college student(I am gettin ready to go off to school again in ST.Louis,MO to study veterinary technology)
a few things you should know about me
I am fairly liberal in my way of thinking, this can go as far as how view relationships, political views even my own faith, I know that I don't fit into the natural mold of what society really thinks it wants people to be like, and frankly I am starting less and less to care, the person I am,is just that whom I am. I might brush some people the wrong way and if I do sorry but I will not change my personality just to suite other I am tired of doing that I want to be me.
sure I am colorful, and rude almost at times, damaged and to a degree a bit broken but I can still hope that all that can change for me. I have to have hope that I can make my life better. And remind myself that you have to take risks in life and that means your putting yourself out there to potentially get hurt.
I enjoy traveling I am pretty easy going I will try just about anything so naturally I am very open minded. Because I work at a renaissance festival as a wench and attend quite a few in a year. I tend to seem a little more sexual then I actually am but for anyone that actually knows me I am honestly a very quite and shy person that just likes to have fun.
I am very big into costuming and drawing..I love to draw anime I am actually working on my own comic right now.
I am planning to move to Japan and teach Elementary kids or Preschool kids english, after I graduate with my bachlor's degree. So if I come across anyone that is already living in Japan and is doing something like that I would really like to get to know you better and make friends with people like that so that I can get off a start of following my dream. Also if given the chance I think I would really like to model Lolita cloths. I feel in love with this style of clothing a year ago and would love dive into its sub-cultures more if given the chance.

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